CGTN poll: Nearly 90% praise China's role in global green growth

Kathmandu/As China's new energy vehicles, lithium batteries and photovoltaic products are sweeping the global market, there is a lot of hype surrounding the "overcapacity" of China's new energy products. However, according to a global poll conducted by CGTN, 88.62 percent of the respondents praise the contribution of China's new energy industry to the world economy and global green development.

The survey found that 84.86 percent of the global respondents believe that there is still huge demand and potential for new energy technologies and products in the global market. A total of 86.05 percent of the respondents hold the belief that production capacity is determined by supply and demand, adding that having supply moderately greater than demand is conducive to full competition and survival of the fittest. 

In the poll, 85.71 percent of the respondents pointed out that accelerating technological innovation and fully stimulating market competition are key to promoting healthy and rapid development in the field of new energy. In addition, as many as 88.46 percent of the respondents believe that in the era of globalization, different countries have different comparative advantages; therefore, strengthening cooperation among countries is the key to solving problems.

It should be pointed out that China's advantages in the new energy industry have been gained through real skills and shaped by full market competition, not by government subsidies. In the survey, 88.62 percent of the global respondents highly praised China's positive contribution to global green development. A total of 77.41 percent of the respondents believe that tying up the new energy industry with protectionism will weaken countries' joint efforts to tackle climate change. 

A high proportion of respondents-91.93 percent-agreed that the healthy development of the global new energy field should be based on fair and reasonable international rules and order and that the interests of developing countries should be fully valued. Another 83.87 percent of the respondents said that the production capacity issue is an economic issue and should not be linked to politics, adding that politicization and securitization of production capacity run counter to economic laws and are not conducive to world economic recovery.

The poll, published by CGTN in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian platforms, received responses from 5,470 people in 24 hours. CGTN

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